Steady Gas Prices for Golf Tourists near Invercargill

One of the latest stories in news is that some towns are not as affected by the high gas rates as the rest of the country is. You hear about this phenomenon from time to time, but it wasn’t until recently that I actually got to witness it for myself.

During golf tournaments, New Zealand is teeming with tourist life. Being a golf lover myself, me and my significant other decided to spend the weekend at one of the nearby resorts, and join the festivities. I won’t lie, this rarely ever happens, and one of the reasons that made us decide to go out of town was that we heard rumors from co-workers about low gas prices.

It was then that I found out that Invercargill, Queenstown, is currently a safe haven for frequent car use. If you’re a golf lover, this is just one more reason to travel to the area. In the world of golf and its exotic locations, nothing can be more attractive than experiencing paradise at a reasonable price.

I’m so glad I found a town with some stability. Reporters attribute this phenomena to other towns not having competitive sales prices. In towns that aren’t as lively, there are less gas stations per area. This makes it less likely that a location will lower their gas prices.

This is perfect for us, because things have been tight these last couple of years, so my girlfriend and I have felt stuck. We needed to find a place where we can unwind and break the daily routine without fully depleting our pockets. That’s why, for the past two months, Invercargill has become one of the places we travel to. Not only do we get to enjoy great golfing and tourist attractions, but I finally get to fill up my tank as well.