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Junior Golf At Lochiel

Many young kids today aspire to become as good as Tiger Woods. Our Junior Coaching Programme starts them in the right direction - teaching them some of the focus and dedication that makes Tiger the top golfer that he is.

Junior Golf

Teenagers play golf for many different reasons. It is like any other sport, something has sparked their imagination and interest in the sport. Some wish to be competitive and some only to play recreationally with their friends. Our Junior programme is structured to develop that interest and enhance their golfing ability to give them the best opportunity to succeed.

Most Saturdays there is professional coaching available with our resident Professionals. The Club is fully supportive of the junior coaching programme and access to coaching is available to all junior members with the cost being covered by the Club. Coaching includes, short game, chipping, putting, long and short irons and is delivered in such a manner that juniors have fun at coaching.

Pee Wee Golf

A category for players under the age of 10 years. Parental/guardian participation is mandatory at all times as safety is paramount for each child. This requirement is highlighted by the Professional coaching Team when joining the programme - "No Parent - No Play".

The programme consists of clinics (run by our professional). The clinics are held on a Thursday evening commencing at 4.00 pm and running until around 5.00 pm.

Junior Tournaments are held in each of the four school terms and are available to all junior members in the area with a modest entry fee charged.

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