Playing golf is one of the most beautiful outside sports, especially if done in an island nation like New Zealand. The island nation in the pacific ocean has a history of just about 150 years of golf clubs, and golf courses in New Zealand are usually along lakes, mountains or hills. This homepage is about golf clubs and golf courses close to Invercargill, the city and surrounding region being in the Southland of New Zealand. The golf courses differ in size and scope, and are either for beginners, advanced players, or both.


Invercargill is a Territorial Authority and city in the Southland of New Zealand, and this beautiful city is located at the southernmost point of New Zealand’ South Island. Invercargill has around 50,000 inhabitants, with more than 7000 of these having Maori roots.

Golf in Invercargill

The Invercargill Golf Club is one of the oldest of New Zealand. It was founded in the early 1900’s, and has since been flourishing. The club is located in the beautiful town of Otatara, and has around 350 members. The golf course is fairly small, but has a lot of space and interesting practice fairways for players of all levels. It is an ideal golf course for beginners.


Otago is a Territorial Authority, located very close to Invercargill, and one of its most important towns is Dunedin. The first golf club of New Zealand was founded around 1871 in Dunedin. Thus, this region is predestined for many golf clubs and golf courses.