Queenstown in the south of New Zealand is one of the hotspots of golf. The beautiful city impresses with a lot of green spaces and parks. Queenstown was founded by William Gilbert Rees and Nicholas von Tunzelmann 1863 and has more than 12000 inhabitants. It lies in the region of Otago. Before being settled, the area of Queenstown was populated by the Maori. Queenstown is surrounded by mountains and lies directly by the sea. That is why it is naturally made for an incredible golfing experience.

Queenstown offers a lot of golf courses. Three of the biggest, and best, golf clubs are The Hills, Jack’s Point and Millbrook. All three are very different, and unique, in both their approach and golf courses.

The Hills

Sir Richard Michael Hill, a New Zealand jeweller, offers a superb golf course which is located in a beautiful area, between mountains and small hills. The Hills offers a luxurious golfing experience, which is both exciting and unique. The view is fantastic and allows for a peaceful, and unforgettable, golfing experience. The Hills course is top-rated, and therefore places for new members are limited.

Jack’s Point

Jack’s Point lies 20 minutes from Queenstown. It is directly located at Lake Wakatipu and offers a great view of mountains and hills. Jack’s Point is not only famous for golf, but also for other types of sports, and its culture. Jack’s Point offers exciting courses which are challenging and unique. At Jack’s Point, it is possible to book directly or to buy vouchers.


The course layout of Millbrook is beautiful and cosy. The course has hills and is surrounded by mountains and small villages. It offers natural hazards, streams, stone, buildings and trees. Millbrook’s golf course is stunning during the evening. Then, the light is golden and creates an even more magical golfing experience.