Watching Movies Named as Perfect Complement To Golf Trip

Invercargill is undoubtedly the perfect location to play golf in. However, some people may be uncertain of what to do in between, or after, rounds. Most of a person’s day will be spent going through the 18 holes on the course. When they are done for the day, there are many golf-related activities that are worth doing.

One of these is to watch a golf-themed movie, whether a drama or a comedy. In fact, this activity has been named in a recent poll, as a perfect way to spend an evening during this type of holiday. This is because it can be done either alone or with a group of friends. It is also convenient, as most hotels will provide DVD players to watch the movie on.

The question does remain, however, of just what movies should be watched. It seems fairly apparent that the film in question should be in some way golf-related. Many movies are an ideal choice.

Happy Gilmore is a comedy film starring Adam Sandler. It tells the story of a rebellious hockey player who finds himself participating in a golf tournament. It is a classic fish out of water storyline, that already ranks highly with fans of golf. It is the best choice for those who want a lighthearted and amusing film to watch.

There are also more serious dramas that are worthy of consideration. The Legend of Bagger Vance is perhaps the most well known. The Greatest Game Ever Played is also a similar golf-themed drama. There are even romantic comedies that fit this theme. Tin Cup stars Kevin Cosner as a man who finds love on the golf course. There are many different films out there that use golf to further the plot. There is one for practically anyone if they look hard enough.