Woods is Out of the Woods at Last

The 18th fairway in Atlanta was a scene that has not been present for some time. While many may have avoided the likes of Woods in recent tournaments, this was an entirely different scenario. His admirers and fans arrived in droves to support him and pay their respects to a truly phenomenal golfer.

The downward spiral

Over the years Woods has been at the centre of many scandals. There are many who set out to destroy him. There is one thing that stands out when it comes to the likes of the rich and famous in the USA, and that is once the spark goes out, igniting it again is almost an impossibility. At 42 years of age, Woods has challenged that very belief. After numerous back operations and dropping to his lowest point, the golfing legend has revived his career. His comeback is one that will be revered throughout history.

Back to glory

Woods has once again put the 18 major championships record held by Nicklaus in jeopardy. The hero has risen again and nothing is going to stop him this time. While Woods may have been appreciated as a great golfer in the past, his fall and rise have made him something he wasn’t in the past – liked. There is nothing that fans love more than a hero who is thrown to the lowest point and rises once again. Woods has grown and developed through his own personal trials and tribulations.

Woods brought something to golf that is unforgettable

When you cast your mind to the early Tiger Woods you will probably envision that stony, unsmiling face and the determination written across his forehead. He exuded dominance and sent his opposition running for the hills. Perhaps it is his succumbing to personal issues that many of you can relate to that have softened the hearts towards Tiger. While he was once thought unstoppable, life showed otherwise.