Golf is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful outdoor sports there is. It is a peaceful game, which is played without any rush, and with little focus on competition. Also, it is usually played on the prettiest golf courses. They are alongside hills, mountains, lakes or the sea. A few hours of golf certainly has a similar relaxing effect as having had a holiday. New Zealand is a perfect match to golf; it has significant regions of almost untouched nature. Many of them are used as golf courses.

Golfing is a passion many people have found for themselves, and consequently want to learn. The first stages of learning golf might produce some sweat and tears, but it is indeed worth the exercise. Being able to play a good game of golf is terrific for the spirit, and balm for the soul. We will show you, in this article, two particularly good schools for learning golf in New Zealand, in a professional and fun way.

Wairakei Golf Course

The Wairakei Golf Club is located right in the centre of the North Island of New Zealand. It offers individual lessons for beginners and advanced players. The lessons focus on ‘getting the right swing’. The Wairakei Golf Club provides a computer analysis lesson, which allows for studying the swing in detail. Also, they offer lessons during which a game of golf is actually played. Here, the aim is to learn the game and the rules of golf.

St. Peter’s Cambridge

St. Peter’s Cambridge is a golf academy, which focuses on teaching the game. They do it in a way that is enjoyable, fun, and makes golf easy to learn. The teachers at St. Peter’s Cambridge want to ensure that the students learn golf in the right way, and embrace their love for the game.