New Zealand has many beautiful golf courses, and every one is unique and offers its own particular landscape. New Zealand has rich, diverse, and immensely appealing, nature, and is therefore destined to provide the best golf courses in the world. Discover with us the history of golf in New Zealand.


The Otago Golf Club, which is located in Dunedin, is responsible for the first game of golf in New Zealand. It was in 1871 that golf was established as a game with fixed rules in New Zealand. The Otago Golf Club claims that by 1863, golfers were sought to play in golf competitions. It took a while until they were found, and the game could start. Charles Ritchie Howden was the man who started the whole movement and was soon to become the first captain, of the first golf club, in New Zealand. Nowadays, the Otago Golf Club offers golf for men, women and children.


It took until the 1890s until golf got really established in New Zealand. The beautiful game started to become more famous, and more people became passionate about it. At that time, it was still a game which was mainly for men.


The game was officially seen as a serious sporting endeavour of New Zealand.

1905 and 1908

The first golf clubs for women were established. In comparison to other games of sport, this was a somewhat progressive thing during that time. Also, the women took part in the Coronation Medal competition.


The Golf Association of New Zealand was founded, as well as the Ladies Golf Union of New Zealand.


At this time, there were more than 100 golf clubs, with 6000 active male members and 4000 active female golfers.

After 1924, golf in New Zealand grew more and more, and it is now one of the most played games in the country.