How to Bet on Golf

Just like football, golf is an extremely exciting sport to bet on. There are many types of odds available on bookmakers for gamblers to bet throughout a competition or tour. This article will outline key details about golf betting.

For you to bet on golf, you need a comprehensive wagering strategy, the ability to recognise the betting value, and betting self-control. With that in mind, it’s possible to generate revenue from gambling on golf. The emergence of online betting platforms has made golf a popular sport to gamble on.

Those who are new to golf betting and are interested in making it a profitable venture, can sometimes be overwhelmed by the numerous markets available. This article will outline information that will guide you through this anxiety.

Just like any other sport, golf betting has a range of market and a lot of online sites like online casinos that punters can choose from while betting. Here are common markets you can bet on.

  • Each Way Betting

If you are convinced that a certain player will win the tournament, this is the market to choose. This is usually an ante-post market, available months before the tournament takes place. Each way betting odds are generally high, and it is possible for one player to have different odds in different betting sites. Ensure to choose the one with the best odds.

  • Place Only Betting

This is when a booker offers a market allowing you to predict who will finish in the top five positions. As much as it has a higher chance for you to get it right, the odds are lower compared to each way betting odds. The odds are usually 1/5 to that of each way market.

  • Miss the Cut

This is when a bookmaker allows you to predict whether a specific player will make it to the last two days of the tournament or not.