There Are More Ways to Use a Golf Course in NZ

The council for Auckland, New Zealand is looking to the future and pondering other uses for the wide open land that makes up their many golf courses throughout the city. The goal is to have golf courses that are multi-use and which provide diversity for the fast-increasing population of Auckland.

The future looks green

There have been a number of possible uses bantered about. These include using the open spaces as public parks, or allocating some of the land to the advancement of agriculture. There have even been talks of the possibility of housing developments occupying the land. Nothing has been cast in stone as yet. The necessary research on each golf course will be properly carried out and assessed before any decisions are made.

For the good of Auckland

The aim of this initiative is by no means moving in the direction of selling off the golf courses. The council is seeking more ways to provide the community with adequate recreational facilities. Physical activity provides benefits to mental health that can never be fully measured or quantified. It is vital that the open spaces are managed in such a way that the people of Auckland experience all the possible benefits. By managing the open spaces effectively, the ecological benefits will be considerable.

Plan In Motion

These possible changes will not be treated flagrantly, proper planning and implementation will be laid out in the Golf Facilities Investment Plan. While the plan is not yet finalized, it is expected that it will be, during the early stages of the new year. Golf courses are an asset that must be used wisely to benefit the population of Auckland, which is increasing, rapidly. With a plan in place, all the necessary legwork will be done before Auckland makes changes to its golf courses.