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Team Wellington News

This article is about the amateur football club Team Wellington, which is getting more and more professional by the hour. This article should be about recent news regarding Team Wellington. Wellington Wellington city is the capital of New Zealand and has around 200.000 inhabitants. It is located in the south of the North Island

Steady Gas Prices for Golf Tourists near Invercargill

One of the latest stories in news is that some towns are not as affected by the high gas rates as the rest of the country is. You hear about this phenomenon from time to time, but it wasn’t until recently that I actually got to witness it for myself. During golf tournaments, New

Watching Movies Named as Perfect Complement To Golf Trip

Invercargill is undoubtedly the perfect location to play golf in. However, some people may be uncertain of what to do in between, or after, rounds. Most of a person’s day will be spent going through the 18 holes on the course. When they are done for the day, there are many golf-related activities that

European History First for Fisher

For 46 years the European Tour never witnessed a round of 59. It took one Englishman, Oliver Fisher, to golf his way into the history books. While 10 rounds under 60 have been recorded on the US PGA tour in the past, none had taken place on the European circuit before. The round of

Auckland Waterfront Gets $3 Million Golf and Bar Boost

The $3 million mini golf bar, aptly named Holey Moley will open its doors on 11th October. Patrons can expect to see themed holes galore. Whether you are a Simpsons fan or more into Game of Thrones, there will be something that tickles your fancy. The bar will feature a spectacular setup of three

How to Bet on Golf

Just like football, golf is an extremely exciting sport to bet on. There are many types of odds available on bookmakers for gamblers to bet throughout a competition or tour. This article will outline key details about golf betting. For you to bet on golf, you need a comprehensive wagering strategy, the ability to

New Zealand’s Most Famous Golfers

New Zealand is famous for its golf courses, golf clubs and golfers. Many golfers in New Zealand have become famous through the sport. We will inform you about the best, and most famous, golfers in New Zealand. We hope you enjoy. Lydia Ko Lydia Ko is a professional golfer who was born in Seoul,

Golf Betting: Selecting A Good Sportbook

Golf is now played in every corner of this world, with tours in every region. Canadians have a tour, there is a tour in Japan and these are just a few. The major tours that attract famous golf professional, however, are the US PGA, and Race to Dubai tour. This tour nearly runs for

There Are More Ways to Use a Golf Course in NZ

The council for Auckland, New Zealand is looking to the future and pondering other uses for the wide open land that makes up their many golf courses throughout the city. The goal is to have golf courses that are multi-use and which provide diversity for the fast-increasing population of Auckland. The future looks green

Use Your Golf Knowledge to Bet on Tournaments and Win

If you watch golf often, you probably know a lot about the game. You may have even made some accurate predictions. If you’re right fifty percent of the time, then I have a proposition for you. Wouldn’t it be better if your guesses could earn you money instead of bragging rights? Rather than rub